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Vocal Sessions on offer by London Vocal Coach and Singer Olga Botsi!

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Singing lessons and coaching in Zurich, Switzerland or Skype

Have you always dreamed:

of singing with freedom and resonance, with ease and flexibility? 

Of belting out your favourite rock ballad and spellbinding the crowd? 

Of having a huge range and expressive power that makes people’s jaws drop? 


I can help you free your voice and find your true sound through my holistic teaching approach.


I will help you get back in touch with your breath and the freedom you once felt in your voice as a child. 


I will help with any relaxation, placement, strain issues you may have and extend your range and give you resonance and power.


If you have any health issues that may affect your voice I can give you advice and guidance, special exercises , yoga routines etc - having suffered myself from GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease) and a resulting small vocal node in the past, and having dealt with various health issues - despite which I have managed to still work as a singer!


I can teach you to:


- Improvise and write songs. 

- Develop your expression. 

- Develop your technique without losing your own unique sound. 

- Extend your range to at least 3 octaves (sometimes even 4!) 

- Breath control and control of your entire range. 

- Sing in a variety of techniques and styles- become a versatile singer! 

- Basic guitar/keyboard skills if requested. 

- Music Theory lessons upon request.


I have an acute ear for detail and upon our first session and hearing you we will be able to discuss your voice and how to move forward.

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