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Olga Botsi

Singer and Vocal Coach

Singing lessons and coaching in Zurich, Switzerland or Skype

For all my student news and posts please follow/like my facebook page "Singing lessons with Olga Botsi"

Student Work/Links

Alice Elisabeth Taylor

Alice has been having lessons with me for a couple of years. She is the backing singer of "Devil say dance" and she was in the musical "Seven Letters" performed by an all female cast at the Tabard Theatre in Chiswick, London.

We are currently working on her Musical Theatre repertoire.

Here is a link to "Devil say dance" on facebook

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Lori Secanska

I taught Lorien about 5 years ago back in London. We worked together as models for Wella Trend vision and it was on tour that I discovered how beautiful her voice was and convinced her to have lessons with me. After just a year of lessons Lori found her confidence and voice and she was finally convinced that she could work as a singer. Sometimes we just need someone to push us in the right direction and to believe in us!  


She currently lives in London where she collaborates with many music projects. In addition to performances, she has worked in the recording studio on many albums and film scores.  Her unique style is influenced by world music and she is known for her raw emotional style of singing.

If you'd like to hear/read more go to

Romeo Cabrera

I "discovered" Romeo at an open mic at In Spiral Lounge in Camden Town,London where I was performing there myself. His covers were beautiful and expressive despite his voice being very breathy at the time. We kept in touch and after a few months he decided to start lessons. Being a guitarist and songwriter primarily he had never worked on his voice but over the years we have been able to lift it out of the throat and we are working on opening it up even further as his voice has the potential for much more strength. He has a 4 octave range which I'm hoping to give him full control of.

Here are some social links if you'd like to hear more:

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