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Singing lessons and coaching in Zurich, Switzerland or Skype

Olga Botsi

Singer and Vocal Coach

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I believe that anyone can sing as it is as natural as speaking and breathing! Saying that most of us upon going to our first singing lesson realise that we only know how to shallow breathe and squeeze the life out of our throats hoping that our voice will magically make it through the song. Many students speak with a very low soft palate and have no idea that you can even lift it. That's something that also greatly effects the singing voice.


Stress and rushing around have detached us from our natural rhythms and our natural way of being. Our posture also suffers from the moment we start walking and I've even seen trained dancers or athletes with tension in their shoulders, waist and lower abdominals, which hinder relaxed breathing and thus relaxed voice production. 


I have spent years overcoming most of these issues and I draw from my own experiences and training, as well as yoga, pilates, acting and meditation when trying to help my students get in touch with their real voice - which can only happen upon unleashing the imagination and expression we had as children and getting back in touch with our true selves. You can leave the mask at the door and put it back on for work and situations that need care. When we sing we express our truth - which is why each of us finds expression in different pieces of music and genres.

I am open to teaching you any song that expresses you and I find that students intuitively choose the right song for where they are at.

I also use speach therapy methods in my lessons. If your speaking energy is low there isn't much hope for your singing! I like to mix it up so it's not boring and so my students understand the point of the exercises so we apply what we have learned on a song , even if the student is only ready to sing a few words or a line.

I also have the same attitude towards pitch. Anyone can eventually learn to hear pitch - it takes work but you can, it has been done! 

My teaching philosophy

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